Press & Testimonials

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It took two years and a $2million investigation to deal with some dangerous practice in our organisation some time ago. We set CRAB the blind challenge of seeing if they could have found the problem in our historical data. They did so in ten minutes. Needless to say we invested in the system.

Dr Mike Roberts, CMO, Northland DBH, New Zealand.

We have spent a decade developing our clinical safety systems. CRAB gives us something we never had before, and significantly more than incident reporting can ever achieve.

Dr John Pirolo, Medical Director & Clinical CIO, St Thomas Health, Asencion Hospitals, USA.

The problem with [hospital reporting] is that they tell you there might be a problem, but not where or why. CRAB tells you exactly what and where the problem is, and even which patients are involved. Then you can do something about it.

Dr Aresh Anwar, Medical Director, Royal Perth Hospital, Australia.

CRAB is 100% better than any solution available to us at the moment. It has turned out to be a very useful tool in analyzing and understanding our case-mix and where our complications are occurring.

Per Svedmark, Senior Consultant, Karolinska Hospital Stockholm.

CRAB predictions have proved accurate in my primary external research validation of the system. I currently don't know of any other electronic system in use that can deliver this kind of overall and detailed qualitative feedback to the department and to the individual surgeon.

Wilhelmina Ekstrom, MD, PhD, Head of Orthopedic Dept., Karolinska Hospital, Sweden.

CRAB is generating trusted data which we can use to flag up areas of concern. From there we are able to take action in a much more sophisticated way than we have in the past.

Dr. Tim Ho, Medical Director, Frimley Health.

This exercise is not about making data/surgeons/departments look good, but about being accurate so that performance can truly be assessed.

Steve Corbett, Orthopaedic Consultant & Clinical Lead, Guy's & St Thomas NHS Trust.

CRAB has provided data for the consultants to really understand their outcomes for patients in a user friendly way.

Alison Diamond, Medical Director, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.